Carlo Carcano | COACH MENTOR Eng
Carlo Carcano: composer, producer, transformational life coach, self-realization explorer, tango passionate.
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My action in the world is also to support and help individuals and groups.
Here I tell you details and information that can open a dialogue and possible growth together.
Where does the help begin?
Inside you. From your need and intention to take charge and live your transformation. That is where I can begin to support you.
Helping you to do what?
• Accomplish a goal (material, bodily, emotional, creative, spiritual).
• Generate answers to personal questions, from simple and clear to complex and deep.
• Change habits. Know your automatisms (practical, emotional, relational) to learn how to reshape them.
• Experiencing and managing a moment of difficulty, doubt, change or profound transformation taking place.
• See the relational, social, energetic system you are part of to experience it better and learn how to act on it.
• Grow in awareness and self-expression. See and expand all parts of yourself, especially new, emerging parts.
• Contact and realize your full potential and ‘mission’.
Three are the ways and energies I draw on:
→ as a COACH
Coaching is a powerful creative partnership geared to inspire and support you in realizing your goals.
Goals can be various: from the most practical and bounded (“I would like to get used to waking up early in the morning“, “I would like to prepare better for that important appointment“) to the more long-term (“I would like to finish my novel“, “I am looking for a new job that is right for me“) to deeper goals (“I would like to find my purpose“, “I would like to better express this quality I feel“, “I would like to be happier“).
The assumption behind coaching is that you already have all the resources you need for your growth – you just need to see them clearly and use them fully. Nothing is missing, you are the expert of yourself and you already possess what it takes to become exceptional.
As a coach, I help you to do this by being by your side. I listen to you fully, in total presence. I do not give you advice or solutions. If anything, I offer you path-opening questions. I give you space, I can challenge you when needed, I act as a mirror for you to see and hear what you say and what you are. I help you identify obstacles and find supports to overcome them. I accompany, encourage and support you on the journey to solidify your goal.
My current training as a coach is represented by two complementary paths. The first, Certified Vocational Coach in ICA, is a rigorous training in what I would call classical coaching. The second, Certified Human Potential Coach in Being at Full Potential, is an integral approach to human being, including holistic and spirituality dimensions.
→ as a MENTOR
When I enter mentoring, I add an element that is not expressed in classical coaching: my whole experience as Carlo. As a mentor I also share personal experiences, steps, insights, tools and teachers that have served me. I give advice and feedback when the moment calls for it, I make you part of my journey and my feeling. By sharing, I learn and grow together with you.
For example, I can share my experiences and discoveries as an artist and creative person, as a man born in 1970, as an explorer and facilitator of practices and pathways on masculine and feminine, as a researcher on relationships and gender, as a spiritual being, and more.
Everything is process: every project, every change, every transformation. There is always a departure where we leave the known, a passaging where we are “between the no longer and the not yet,” and an arrival in which a new form stabilizes and thrives.
As a facilitator I am attentive to the stages and energize your process: I can propose exercises, practices, silences, visualizations, games. I can plant seeds, fertilize and nourish the field in many ways. In particular, I use different tools such as: assessments and evaluations of human potential and personality, practices and teachings from various spiritual traditions, the Marseilles evolutionary tarot, inspirational exercises that make use of different artistic languages.
I also like to call myself a Space Holder.
When I hold space, I am present. I know that the outcome is not up to me, I trust what needs to happen, I let it happen. I nurture the soil, hold firm the boundaries and care for the thresholds. I am attentive to the space that emerges, grows and moves in you, without invading it. With integrity and love.

What I am not
Although in the supportive relationship I draw on my personal experiences in psychotherapy, metagenealogy, biographical constellations, physical and spiritual practices, and more, I am not a psychotherapist or counselor, I am not a holistic practitioner, and I am not a problem-solving consultant.

Online sessions, plus possible offline support. In case, also in-person. Duration of sessions and of the journey, frequency, modalities may vary depending on needs and shared feeling.

Before kicking off the support space we will have a preliminary meeting to get to know each other, begin to explore your intention, and decide together whether and how to proceed on the path.

We will discuss the fee together. There are two values that underpin my offer. First: the space I offer must be accessible to everyone. Second: There must be a monetary exchange that both parties feel is fair.